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Here are just some of the Los Angeles models available through D2.

Commercial Print Agencies – DreAsian Models – RobertMature Models - MicaelaFashion Model – Aleksandra

 Commercial Print Agencies – Dre Asian Models – Robert Mature Models - Micaela Fashion Model – Aleksandra

Latin Models – MarilynEditorial Models – Gordana Commercial Print Models - Joshua

 Latin Models – MarilynEditorial Models – Gordana Commercial Print Models - Joshua

Ethnic Model Agency – Soul Hispanic Models – Stephan Los Angeles Models - Bridgham

 Ethnic Model Agency – Soul Hispanic Models – Stephan  Los Angeles Models - Bridgham

Ethnic Models – Michael Male Models - Tom Latina Model - Rachel

Ethnic Models – Michael Male Models - Tom Latina Model - Rachel

These are just a few of the models, commercial actors, extras, and real people who are available through our Los Angeles model agency for  print, stock photography, fashion editorial, runway, and other professional paid assignments.

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The rise in the use of real people in advertising has opened up the world of entertainment and advertising to everybody.  Models and actors, both beginners and seasoned professionals have also seen the number of opportunities grow exponentially with the advent of social media, viral videos, and the growth of both digital Internet and legacy distribution platforms.  At the same time, commercial print models and commercial actors have seen their worlds converge as projects now often include both print and video components. Advertising and entertainment projects are now displaying the diversity of our world and D2 Models is at the forefront of meeting 21st century demands for Los Angeles models and actors.

Los Angeles Commercial Print Models

A commercial print model is one whose image is used to advertise products and services that are generally purchased by a targeted audience. Advertisers are especially interested in targeting millenials and Gen Y consumers, however they are increasingly trying to appeal to multiple demographics with a single campaign. Therefore, commercial print agents like D2 Models that represent Los Angeles models for still photography in digital and print media are diversifying their print departments to be more diverse.

Los Angeles Fashion and Editorial Models

Fashion models fit within industry standard sizing requirements to present designs in fashion runway, showroom, and photo shoots. Those standards have changed somewhat over the years for many fashion designers but the public conception of what it means to be a fashion model in Los Angeles remains the same: tall models with slimmer measurements. Female models who aren't size 5'9"+ and 2-4 and male models who aren't 6'+ and 32/32 are finding more opportunities in the the world of fashion, and D2 Models is able to meet the needs of all fashion clients.

Editorial models play roles in fashion ‘stories’ intended to convey the desired image of the brand or line. While there may be less pay for most models who do an editorial shoot, the exposure and tear sheets are invaluable to both the developing and professional model. While fashion models are typically more sought after for fashion editorials, there is also opportunity in Los Angeles for models of other looks, including edgy or alternative models and senior and mature models and character actors. Models on the D2 Models website represent the diversity of looks required for the evolving and increasingly more inclusive world of fashion.

Los Angeles Real People and Extras Casting

An extra is a model or actor who appears in the background of a photo or video shoot. Many in the industry draw a distinction between background and featured extras, but in either case the talent is not a principal or supporting performer. Extras fill out the environment of the story being told in an advertisement, commercial, TV show, etc. The casting of extras in Los Angeles is an opportunity for brands to represent inclusivity, and while the pay is significantly lower for extras than for other types of roles, this type of work helps talent to develop their professionalism through real-world on-set experience. The roster of D2 is diverse and most are willing and able to take on extras jobs in Los Angeles.

Many extras casting directors are also keenly aware of the increase in Los Angeles real people casting. Real people refers primarily to people with no acting or modeling experience, but it also refers to models and actors who have real world experience (real pastry chefs, real race car drivers, etc.) or relationships (real mom with baby, real group of friends, etc.). D2 has the ability to quickly conduct real people casting in Los Angeles to meet any client need.

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