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Here are just some of the Los Angeles classic models available through D2.

Los Angeles Classic Model - GaryLos Angeles Sophisticated Model - MaureenLos Angeles Mature Model - SarahLos Angeles Mature Actor - Cal

Los Angeles Classic Model -  Gary Los Angeles Sophisticated Model - MaureenLos Angeles Mature  Model - SarahLos Angeles Mature Actor - Cal

Los Angeles Mature Model - LorraineLos Angeles Senior Model - VickiLos Angeles Senior Model -  MarcelleLos

Los Angeles Mature Model - JamesLos Angeles Senior Actor - RonaldLos Angeles Elderly Model - HervéLos Angeles Mature Models -  Jacinta

Los Angeles Mature Model - JamesLos Angeles Senior Actor -  RonaldLos Angeles Elderly Actor - Hervé

Los Angeles Mature Male Model - DarcasLos Angeles Elderly Models - MaxLos Angeles Senior Models -  KayLos Angeles Classic Models - Wendy

Los Angeles Mature Male Model - DarcasLos Angeles Elderly Model - MaxLos Angeles Senior Actor -  KayLos Angeles Mature Actor-  Wendy

These are just a few of the Los Angeles mature adult models, actors, extras, and real people who are available through our model agency for commercial print, stock photography, fashion editorial, runway,and other professional paid assignments.

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The rise in the use of mature and senior models in advertising has been exponential over the past decade. As people are enjoying more active lifestyles later in life, the desire for advertisers to target aging consumers has grown. Commercial print and television commercials worldwide are now showing the full range in ages and ethnicities that make up our society.

Older Adults and Mature Models (Generation X and Baby Boomers)

Brands are especially interested in appealing to consumers by using Gen X models and Baby Boomer models. These two generations extend from the 1940s-1980s, overlapping in the early sixties. Boomers are typicically considered to be those born between 1946-1964 and Gen Xers between 1961-1979.

Advertising agencies and marketing professionals are already paying attention to Generation Y / Millenials, and as this genaration ages they too will fall into the mature model category. Unlike most Los Angeles modeling agencies, we have a talent roster covering all ages, so our mature modeling agency can help you throughout the years.

Senior Models and Elderly Models

Boomers also fall into the senior model category and those just a bit older may be considered by some to be elderly models. Our Los Angeles senior and mature adult models are a treasured part of our agency, and it is wonderful that companies (especially pharmaceutical companies and financial institution) have begun to value these wonderful people from a commercial perspective. There are countless opportunities in Los Angeles and other cities for actors, real people, and models to appear in commercials, advertisements, and even television shows and movies. Whether you are or are looking for a boomer or a silver fox, we've got them.

Classic Models and Sophisticated Models

Getting started as a Los Angeles classic model or sophisticated model is not difficult to do. Our model agency is always on the lookout for people of all ages:

We help casting directors and producers with real people casting and extras casting, and our Los Angeles senior model roster has proven to be a great resource to hundreds of industry professionals.

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